Why Are My Peace Lily Flowers Green?

If you are a plant lover, you may be familiar with the elegant and graceful Peace Lily. This tropical plant is known for its lush green leafage and lovely white flowers. 

However, have you ever encountered a Peace Lily with green flowers instead of the usual white? This unexpected sight right? And you also are wondering if it’s normal or if something is wrong with your plant.

The green flowers on your Peace Lily are a natural part of its early development stage. As the plant matures, it will produce white flowers. However, in some cases, the issue can be over fertilization or improper sunlight.

It’s worth noting that not all Peace Lilies will produce green flowers. Some may skip this stage altogether and produce white flowers from the beginning. 

Know your plant – Peace Lily

peace lily flowers turning green

One of the first things to understand is the peace lily’s growth habit. This tropical plant likes warm, humid environments, and can grow up to 2-3 feet tall and wide. Its long, arching leaves can reach 1-2 feet in length, and the plant produces white flowers on a long stem that can grow up to a foot tall.

Another thing of peace lily care is knowing how much water it needs. While peace lilies prefer evenly moist soil but overwatering it can lead to root rot. It’s also important to avoid letting the plant sit in standing water, as this can also lead to root rot.

The peace lily also has specific light and humidity conditions. It prefers low to medium indirect light, so avoid direct sunlight, which can even burn out its leaves. As well as peace lily also like high humidity. So, placing a humidifier can work well.

Moreover, be aware of the peace lily’s toxicity. The plant contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause irritation or swelling in humans or pets if ingested. To keep everyone safe, it’s important to keep peace lilies out of reach of children and pets.

Why Are My Peace Lily Flowers Green?

If your peace lily flowers start to turn green, it can be a bit alarming. Green flowers can make your plant look unusual, and they may also be a sign that something is wrong with your plant.

1. Over-fertilization

Peace lilies are low-maintenance plants, and they don’t need to be fertilized very often.

However, if you’re using too much fertilizer or applying it too frequently, your peace lily may be getting too much nitrogen. This can cause the flowers to turn green instead of white. If you suspect over-fertilization, stop fertilizing your plant for a while and let it recover.

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2. Improper sunlight

Peace lilies prefer bright but indirect light. If your plant is getting too much direct sunlight, the flowers may start to lose their colour and turn green.

This can also happen if your plant isn’t getting enough light, as it may try to balance by producing more chlorophyll. Consider relocating your plant to an area with less direct sunlight.

3. Early development

If your peace lily is still in its early growth stage, green flowers may be a natural part of its development. As the plant matures, it will start to produce white flowers. However, if your plant is already mature and still producing green flowers, it’s likely due to one of the other causes mentioned above.

How to prevent peace lily flowers from turning green?

Avoid over-fertilizing green peace lily flowers. To prevent this issue, it’s important to avoid using too much fertilizer or fertilizing too frequently. Instead, stick to a regular schedule of fertilizing every 4-6 weeks, using a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer.

Another thing to keep in mind is to get the ideal place for your plant where it receives indirect sunlight. Adjust the plant’s location in a shaded spot or indoors.

Lastly overwatering or underwatering can both stress peace lilies and make them more susceptible to problems like green flowers. To prevent this, make sure you’re watering your plant properly. Allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering again, and make sure the pot has good drainage.

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Do Green Peace Lily Flowers Turn White Again?

The peace lily flower, like most blooms, follows a typical life cycle. It usually lasts for a few months, changing colour from white to green and then darkening before finally dying off. However, if your peace lily flowers are turning green early, it may be a sign that the plant is not getting the ideal environment for healthy blooms.

To prevent this and maintain the attractive look of your peace lily flowers, take necessary actions toward it. Create the ideal environment for your plant to thrive, keeping the flowers healthy and vibrant for a longer time. 

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Should I remove green peace lily flowers?

If the green flowers are still healthy and intact, you can leave them on the plant to allow them to finish their natural life cycle. That is because the green flowers are actually a natural part of the peace lily’s development and provide energy to the plant to develop its seeds before they turn brown and die.

However, if the green flowers have become wilted or brown, you can safely remove them. This will help to promote new growth and encourage your peace lily to produce more healthy blooms.

Peace Lily Care Tips

Here are some easy peace lily care tips –

1. Sunlight Peace lilies thrive in bright indirect light. To prevent their leaves from being scorched, it’s best to place them in indirect sunlight when caring for peace lilies. If the plant isn’t getting enough light, you may notice a lack of growth or fewer flowers.

2. Humidity – Peace lilies enjoy high humidity, so it’s beneficial to place them near a humidifier or on a pebble tray. This will help keep their leaves from becoming brown or crispy.

3. Watering – Peace lilies prefer evenly moist soil, so it’s important to water them when the soil feels dry. It’s important to be cautious about overwatering your peace lily, as doing so can result in root rot. It’s best to use room-temperature water and allow the soil to drain out completely for the next watering.

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4. Repotting – Peace lilies don’t require frequent repotting, but it’s a good idea to repot them every two to three years. Consider using a soil mix that drains well and a pot that is slightly larger in size to optimize the growth of your peace lily.

5. Pruning – Removing yellow or brown leaves can help keep your peace lily healthy and looking its best. You can also trim back old flowers once they have wilted to encourage new growth.

6. Fertilizer – It’s best to fertilize your peace lily once a month during the growing season (spring and summer) with a balanced fertilizer. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package and avoid over-fertilizing, as this can lead to burned leaves.

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A peace lily is a beautiful houseplant that can brighten up any room with its lovely white flowers. However, green flowers can sometimes occur due to a variety of reasons, which include overfertilization or insufficient sunlight. By identifying their cause and taking the right measures to prevent it, your peace lily plant can once again thrive again.

To prevent green peace lily flowers, it’s crucial to provide your plant with adequate light and water, avoid over fertilization, and maintain a consistent environment. Moreover, you may also prune old green leaves to enhance the plant’s aesthetic appeal.