Can Angel Wing Begonias Grow Outside?

Growing houseplant indoors isn’t easy. You must try to replicate favourable climatic condition inside room.

But, that not the case with angel wing begonia. It is regarded as the best indoor plant in begonia family.

Its attractive foliage with dotted spots is the real feast for your eyes.

What if this plant blooms? With colourful flowers and glossy leaves, angel wing begonia can turn your room to ornamental garden.

Remember this: Your plant need adequate amount of indirect sunlight to produce year around blossoms.

Putting angel wing begonia in a room that gets sufficient amount of bright light will help it to thrive.

But, what if you want to move this houseplant outdoors?

Can Angel Wing Begonia Be Planted Outside?

Yes, you can grow angel wing begonia outdoors if you’re living in USDA zones 10 or 11. Gardeners in other zones must ensure certain things to plant this begonia plant indoors.

Angel wing begonia can’t tolerate direct sunlight. Even in outdoors, it’s recommended that you prepare a shade for the plant to grow.

Angel wing begonia is the perfect plant that can be grown indoors. As mentioned, you can plant in a container and grow outdoors, but when the temperature drops it must be moved indoors.

Angel wing begonia is a perennial flowering plant, which means it can bloom year around given that you provide required climatic conditions.

With red, white, orange and pink colored blossoms this begonia plant will certainly add aesthetic view to your living space.

Before moving your angel wing begonia plant outside, checkout its growing conditions:

  • Angel wing begonia plant needs well-drained potting soil mix rich in organic matter.
  • To bloom and thrive with glossy foliage, this plant needs bright indirect light.
  • Consistent moisture but shouldn’t be excess leading to overwatering issues.
  • Does well in humid environment. You may have to use humidifier if the air in your room is dry.
  • Angel wing begonia or cane begonia does well when the temperature range is between 65F to 75F.
  • Extreme hot or extreme cold will damage its foliage and plant may eventually die if not protected.
  • Fertilizing your begonia plant will encourage it to produce blossoms. You can use liquid fertilizers once after every two weeks during growing season.
  • These plants don’t undergo dormant, however, you must reduce watering frequency in winter.

As you’re trying to put angel wing begonia outdoors, remember that this plant can’t tolerate direct sunlight for longer time.

However, in winter angel wing begonia can be planted under direct sunlight. But, plant should be saved from lower temperature at night.

How to Grow Angel Wing Begonia Outdoors?

You can put houseplants like this directly under scorching sunlight like vegetable plants.

Obviously, you must provide shade when the sunlight turns harsh. Or move indoors when the night temperature drops below 50F.

Like most houseplants, even angel wing begonia can’t tolerate frost. Extreme heat or temperature and extreme cold will damage the plant growth.

Growing requirements of indoor angel wing begonia is almost similar to outdoor angel wing begonia.

Certainly, there are few things that need to be considered to protect plant.


A well-drained moist soil that is rich in nutrients like organic matter. You can get potting mix soil like African violet soil mix with perlite.

Else, you can also prepare your own potting mix at home with some garden soil, perlite, compost and peat moss or coconut coir.

Growing soil should drains excess water, at the same time good at water retention.


You can grow plant with fertilizing them, but can you imagine growing them without water?

Watering helps the plant in photosynthesis and uptake nutrients from the soil.

You should water angel wing begonia plant regularly to keep the growing soil moist.

But, avoid overwatering or underwatering your plant.

Often gardeners water excess out of anxiety. This will turn plant leaves yellow and roots to rot.

Depending on the climatic conditions outside, you should increase or reduce watering frequency.

Remember to allow the potting soil to dry between the watering cycles.

When planted outdoors, you must increase watering frequency and also mulch to prevent easy escape of moisture.

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Room temperature is perfect to grow this houseplant.

However, if the outdoor temperature is between 65F to 75F then you can grow angel wing begonia outdoors.

Move your begonia plant indoors if the temperature drops below 50F.


As mentioned earlier, this plant prefers bright indirect sunlight. It can survive under direct harsh sunlight.

You must understand lightening requirements of angel wing begonia to grow it successfully.

Lightening conditions outside is better when compared to indoors. So, this flowering plant does well when shifted outdoors. But, ensure the climatic conditions are favorable.

Do angel wing begonias like sun or shade?

This plant must be grown in combination of partial shade and indirect sunlight.

Without proper sunlight, this plant may live but it can bloom.

Along with its foliage, this plant is known for its ornamental value. So, you must provide bright indirect sunlight outdoors.

What is bright indirect sunlight for plants mean?

When sunlight touches the plant after hitting any reflecting object, then it is indirect sunlight. For instance, you room, where the plant gets plenty of bright indirect light.

What is full sun or bright sunlight?

Full sun or bright sunlight means, the plant is exposed directly to sunlight and it has no shade. As you already knew, begonia plant leaves can be burned with harsh sunlight. You should provide indirect sunlight.

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How to shade outdoor angel wing begonia plant from the sun?

To keep your begonia plant protected from direct sunlight, you can use shaded cloth.

This will ensure, the plant gets bright light but aren’t torched by harsh sunlight.

If your begonia plant doesn’t bloom, then ensure it gets some bright indirect sunlight. Full shade can reduce blossoms.


It is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere.

If the moisture levels outdoors are 50 percent then it is ideal to grow angel wing begonia.

You can use humidifier indoors, but outdoors you can increase watering frequency and mist leaves with water.

Avoid dry winds.


Use liquid fertilizer higher in phosphorus to produce blossoms.

During growing season, you must fertilize your cane begonia plant once after 2-3 weeks.

Nutrients contribute in strengthening roots, to produce attractive blossoms and glossy dark leaves.

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Location – Most important

Plant location may seem useless, but it is the most important aspect of growing houseplants outdoors.

Choose a location where it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight and temperature is ideal for begonia.

Can angel wing begonias live outside?

Yes, angel wing begonia can survive outside, provided that it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and dry air.

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Not everyone is a fan of growing flowering plants indoors. There are some like me who loves to place these ornamental plants in my corridor.

Yes, you can place angel wing begonia plant in corridor.

But, ensure it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, no extreme heat or cold temperatures and avoid dry air.

Plant location plays vital role. Check out your garden and see which location best suits your angel wing begonia.

After reading this, will you grow angel wing begonia outdoors?