Why Are the Leaves Falling Off My Angel Wing Begonia: How to Fix

It’s worrisome to see begonia leaves dropping off. But, no need to panic. First identify the cause of leaf drop. In most cases you can revive the plant and stop falling of leaves.

Angel wing begonia is known for its vibrant coloured leaves and flowers. This ornamental houseplant that adds aesthetic appeal to your space. Grown for its attractive foliage and blossoms, Angel Wing Begonia belongs to Cane Begonia variety.

Prior to that you must read or know all possible reasons for angel wing begonia leaves falling off.

Falling of old leaves off the plant is normal and it good for healthy growth of the plant. If you see the upper leaves are turning yellow and falling, then your plant has a problem.

Overwatering, lack of humidity, not getting enough sunlight, issue with repotting or worm infestation can be the reason why your angel wing begonia leaves are dropping.

To grow successful houseplant, you must be aware of growing conditions, watering and sunlight requirements of the plant. Spare couple of minutes to know about your houseplant.

Know Your Plant: Angel Wing Begonia

In simple words, begonia is a family of variety of flowering plants. Angel wing begonia belongs to Cane Begonia cultivar and is obtained by cross between Begonia aconitifolia and begonia coccinea.

This house plant is easy to grow in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

It likes moist soil with high humidity and normal temperature ranging from 60 F to 75 F. So, it is a perfect plant to grow on your desk, in your living room or beside window.

Angel wing begonia got its name because of its attractive foliage.

It can be grown upto 6-10 feet or can be placed on desk as a small plant. It all depends on sunlight exposure and fertilizers you add to this plant.

Gardening experts say that Angel wing begonia will not likely flower if it’s getting low light. However, the plant grows.

If you want attractive flowers on this plant, then you must place it under bright sunlight for 4-6 hours.

Why Are the Leaves Falling Off My Angel Wing Begonia?

It is important to know root cause to stop or prevent angel wing begonia dropping leaves. Below mentioned are causes of leaves falling off from the begonia plant.

A healthy angel wing begonia leaf will be dark green in color with red veins under it.

But, due to some reasons (listed below) the foliage may slowly turn yellow and fall off from the plant.

Let’s have a look at the main cause of leaves falling off of this begonia.

#1 Aging Leaves

If lower leaves of any plant is dropping off the plant and leaving bare-legged at the bottom, then no need to worry, it’s normal and literally there is nothing that you can do to stop this.

A simple reason for leaves drop can be: your plant makes it food from sunlight and water, when the leaves at the bottom don’t get enough light they fail to do their job. To be more efficient and use the available resources, plant drops not performing leaves.

It’s natural and it is good for your plant growth.

How to Fix:

As mentioned, you can’t stop this. As bare-legged stem don’t look attractive, you can plant small angel wing begonia cuttings around the plant. Once the plant out grows the pot you can replant them. Did you ever tired growing more than 2 plants in same pot? Please let me know the result in comments.

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#2 Overwatering

Watering your plant more than it needs is not going to help it grow faster. Instead, the plant may face issue like wilting, yellowing and dropping of leaves.

Angel wing begonia like’s moist soil, but it can’t survive in soggy soil.

Most of the times overwatering can be result of choose wrong potting soil.

Your houseplant needs well-drained soil mixture (garden soil, compost, sand and perlite). Also, the container or pot must have a drainage hole to remove excess water from it.

Water that gets clogged in container reduces oxygen in the soil and damage fine roots. This will lead to signs of root rot and gradually your plant’s leaves turn yellow or start wilting because due to overwatering the root system fail to take up the water.

Lastly, the leaves start falling off the plant.

How to water:

Potting soil could be the culprit behind overwatering. First thing, make sure that you’re using well-drained nutrient rich soil mix.

Water only when the angel wing begonia is completely dry. You can check the moisture by inserting the finger in the soil. If the soil is sticky, then you’ve to wait until the soil dries out.

When the soil is fully dry, water generously until you see the water is draining out of the drainage hole.

How to Fix:

To recover from overwatering, stop watering your plant and relocate the pot to western or eastern side of your window.

After few weeks when the soil is completely dry, start watering.

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#3 Sunlight

angel wing begonia

Plants need sunlight to make its food. When they aren’t exposed to sufficient light, to improve efficiency the plant drops under-performing leaves.

Angel wing begonia plants needs 4-6 hours of bright sunlight. You can place your plant in western or eastern side of your window. However, avoid southern side because this plant can’t tolerate high heat and can have sun burnt foliage.

This ornamental plant can survive in indirect sunlight for 6 hours.

How to Fix:

If you see upper leaves off your angel wing begonia is dropping, then check the location of the plant. Is it getting enough sunlight? If yes, and you shifted the plant recently; allow the plant to get habituated to the new spot.

Else, make sure to re-shift where the plant gets indirect sunlight for 4-6 hours.

You can also use artificial lights.

Angel wing begonia can survive in low light but it will not flower. If you want to have blossoms, then you must provide sunlight and phosphorus rich fertilizers to this houseplant.

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#4 Lack of Humidity

Plants, particularly while growing houseplants one must make sure the room humidity level is enough for the plant to grow.

Most houseplants don’t thrive in dry air; this is why the leaves drop.

Extra moisture in the air will help your angel wing begonia to grow healthy green foliage.

As most rooms have central heating, they have dry air that doesn’t go well with houseplants.

How to Fix:

There are different options to increase humidity in your room.

Misting your houseplants is one of the easiest ways to increase humidity for plants. However, this may leave water droplets on the floor. You can shift the plant pot to sink before misting.

Another way is to grow houseplants in groups. This will naturally improve humidity levels.

Here this Youtuber used pebble tray and watered them. Place the angel wing begonia on this pebble tray. Water evaporates into the air and humidity eventually increases.

Another way is to use humidifier. You can set the level and your houseplants will thrive.

#5 Repotting Shock

When you choose much bigger pot than previous or you repotted in its growing season, the plant will face repotting shock. Leaves may turn yellow and slowly drop.

Best time to repot angel wing begonia is early spring.

Avoid repotting when it’s is not needed.

This houseplant can withstand pot bound. You must choose to repot only when the leaves turn yellow due to lack of nutrients in soil and when the plant has outgrown the pot.

Choose the pot that is slightly bigger than previous and fill it with nutrients rich soil.

How to Fix:

Allow the plant to settle with the new home. Make sure that you supply nutrients, water and required amount of sunlight to the plant.

How to Take Care of Angel Wing Begonia Plant?

Many begonias flower all the year, but there are few exceptional varieties that only bloom in season.

Angel wing begonia comes under cane begonia, as mentioned earlier.

Coming to plant care:

  • These plants need indirect sunlight for about 4 hours. Direct exposure to sunlight even for 2 hours can result in sunburned leaves.
  • Locate the plant where it don’t get harsh direct sunlight afternoon.
  • You can use sheer curtains to reduce the intensity of the sun. Or, you can also place sun loving plants nearer to the window so that it cuts the intensity of sunlight.
  • However, these plants don’t do well in dark spots with less light.
  • These begonia varieties love humidity above 60 percent and tolerate humidity upto 40 percent.
  • Potting soil mix must be well drained soil.
  • Add compost after 2-3 weeks.
  • Repot with care. Only repot when the plant shows distress by not growing.
  • Repot or transplant or propagate in growing seasons and when the temperature is actually favorable.
  • These plants need generous amount of water. Check the soil for dryness by inserting your finger, before watering.
  • Avoid overwatering and underwatering your angel wing begonia plant.

A Quick Summary

Dropping of under leaves is normal, but there are other things that you must check before concluding its natural.

Angel wing begonia leaves dropping can be due to overwatering, which is very common among new gardeners. Make sure you follow the watering schedule and don’t fill the pot with excess water. However when the soil is dry water generously till you see the excess water drains out of the pot drainage.

Other causes can be not getting enough sunlight, low humidity or worm infestation.