Can ZZ Plant Live Outside – Will It Survive?

Most houseplants including ZZ plant prefer indirect sunlight, as repeated exposure to intense sunrays can burn it’s green foliage. But, with certain precautions and steps your ZZ plant can survive outdoors.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plants are known for their low maintenance, drought-tolerate and easy to grow houseplants.

Bright indirect sunlight and adequate watering once after 2 weeks, is what this houseplant demands to thrive.

So, can ZZ plant live outside?

Yes, in certain climatic conditions ZZ plant can survive outside. However, ZZ plant can’t tolerate when the temperature drops below 40F.

If you’re living in USDA zones 9-10, you can put ZZ plant outside. People living USDA zones 1-8 must bring the plant indoors when the temperature goes below 40F.

The fleshy deep coloured leaves of ZZ plants don’t just add aesthetic appeal to your space; it also clears air and increase oxygen level in your room.

Though it thrives when kept in a room, oval shaped foliage of this plant will add beauty to your outdoor corridor.

It can be an eye feast for your visitors.

Sunlight Requirements of ZZ Plant

Bright indirect sunlight, you might have heard this from many bloggers.

But, what is difference between direct and indirect sunlight.

Before that, remember that ZZ plant is native to East Africa where it is exposed to sunlight for 12 hours. It does well under full sun. However, intense direct sunlight can burn its foliage.

The sunlight that hits your plant directly from sun is intense and you can check this by keeping your hand under sun for few seconds.

Indirect sunlight is reflected light that isn’t intense.

Your ZZ plant need 8-10 hours of indirect sunlight. As direct sunlight can burn its leaves.

Can I Put My ZZ Plant Outside?

ZZ plant is drought tolerant and can grow in low lightening conditions.

However, when you shift the plant outdoors indirect light will boost its foliage and improve its color.

Though ZZ plant can live outside, you must consider certain things before moving the plant outdoor.

  • Sunlight: ZZ plant needs indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight damages its foliage. So, use a shade cloth to reduce the intensity of sunlight. 8-10 hour light will be enough for this houseplant to grow.
  • Temperature:  ZZ plant can’t survive when the night temperature drops below 40F. You must bring the ZZ plant pot indoors to save it cold weather.
  • Similarly, this plant can’t survive in high temperature above 90F. Ideal temperature to grow ZZ plant ranges from 65F-75F.
  • Watering: With increasing temperature outside, you must regularly water your ZZ plant to avoid drooping of leaves. Though I mentioned it is drought tolerant like every plant it too needs water at some point to carry the photosynthesis process. Often excess watering can lead to yellow leaves, avoid it.
  • Growing soil is another vital aspect of successful ZZ plant.
  • Well-drained and moisture retentive soil contributes in healthy ZZ plant.

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Can ZZ Plant Survive Summer?

Can you put ZZ plant outside in summer?

Yes, but under certain conditions.

As mentioned, direct sunlight will burn this plant leaves. So, you must use a shade cloth and ensure the plant isn’t directly exposed to afternoon sun.

Also, the day temperature shouldn’t be above 85F.

Regularly check for the moisture in growing medium. Water at regular intervals, as the rising temperature evaporates the moisture quickly.

If your outdoor location is getting shade after noon, then you don’t have to worry much.

Should I Move ZZ plant Indoors in Winter?

If the temperature drops below 40F, then to save your plant from cold weather, you must move the plant container indoors.

ZZ plant does well in low lightening conditions. So, you can keep the plant indoors for couple of days if the outside temperature is fluctuating.

Where to Put ZZ Plant Outdoors?

Best location for ZZ plant outdoors, is where it gets indirect sunlight for 8 hours.

Spots where the temperature fluctuates must be avoided.

Also, location where the intense sunlight hits isn’t good for the plant.

Can ZZ Plants Take Full Sun?

ZZ plant is native to Africa where it is exposed to indirect sunlight for 12 hours.

You must try to replicate similar thing in your growing space.

Indirect full sunlight will contribute in healthy growth of ZZ plants.

Can ZZ Plant Grow in Low Light?

It can grow in low lightening conditions, but this doesn’t mean ZZ plant don’t require sunlight.

Compared to other plants, ZZ plant are tolerant and can survive low lights.

To produce its food and to carry out photosynthesis process, eventually ZZ plant needs light, either sunlight or grow lights.

Remember this: ZZ plant can be grown in partial shade.

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Important Tips to Grow ZZ Plant Outdoors

Growing ZZ plant indoors isn’t different from growing it outdoors.

Anyways, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind while moving ZZ plant outside.

Growing soil

Potting soil must be well-drained, yet effective to retain moisture.

Due to rising temperature outside moisture easily gets evaporated into atmosphere.

So, along with regular watering the potting soil must be able to lock moisture for longer time.

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Sunlight – It is very important

Those who shifted their houseplants outdoors might have noticed that the plant look more healthy outdoors.

A simple reason behind this is sunlight.

When these houseplants get extra indirect sunlight outdoors, they produce more food and the leaves look deep green.

ZZ plant needs 8-10 hours of bright indirect sunlight.

When this plant gets exposed to direct sunlight for longer time, its leaves will be damaged.

Use a shade cloth or place the ZZ plant container in shade, a spot where it gets reflected sunlight.


Compared to indoors, you must increase watering frequency of outdoor ZZ plant.

Choose best potting soil that retains moisture.

You can also use mulch to reduce water evaporation into atmosphere.

Start your gardening day by watering the plant at its base. When your plant gets enough water in early hours, for rest of the day it will benefit from sunlight to produce its food.


Before shifting your ZZ plant outdoors, first ensure that outside temperature is ideal.

ZZ plant does well when temperature is between 65F-85F.

In summer, you must save the plant from scorching sun.

And in winter the plant must be moved back indoors if the temperature drops to 40F.


Should I put ZZ plant outside?

Yes, you can grow ZZ plant outside. But, make sure it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight and temperature isn’t dropping below 40F.

In summer or when the sunlight is intense, use a shade cloth to protect your houseplant from scorching sunlight.

I’m a bigger fan of keeping houseplants in outside corridor where the plant gets partial shade. Its leaves a good impression on your visitor and you can actually enjoy your evening coffee with your loved ones sitting outside.