How Often to Water Jade Plant?

Like any other succulent, jade plant adds beauty to your living area. It’s easy to propagate and grow this houseplant. However, the way your water, soil and sunlight has major impact on its greenery.

Living around plants is an amazing feeling and turning your space into wild can’t be possible without utmost care. Anyway, jade plant is one among those succulents that demand little care to add beauty to your garden.

Later in this article you’ll know Jade plant caring tips, before that we shall look on jade plant watering.

How Often Do You Water Jade Plant?

Prior to watering jade plant, you must know its soil requirement (potting soil). Gardening experts say that this succulent grows well in well-drained soil.

So, what is well-draining soil?

The soil that easily allows water to flow through it in moderate rate, without pooling and puddling.

For this, you must fill your container with 1/3 of soil, 1/3 of vermicompost and 1/3 of sand. You can also add neem cake as a fertilizer.

How often should I water my jade plant?

Overwatering or under-watering isn’t good for your jade plant.

Apart from soil, you must monitor climate/temperature in your locality before watering your plant.

So, a perfect answer would be, water your jade plant only when your find dryness on top layer of the soil.

If you’re confused, then check the base tray of the container that holds the excess water. Remove excess water from the bottom tray, because who want to rot their plant’s root.

Shouldn’t I water my jade plant every day?

No, check the soil in the container, water the plant only if it’s dry. Well-draining soil in the container will allow excess water through the drainage hole.

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How to Water Jade Plant?

There are two ways of watering indoor plants that I’ll list here. One is the traditional top to bottom and other is bottom watering.

First, the traditional way.

Best way to water your succulent is to water them from the top. Make sure the excess water gets out through drainage hole.

If your container has no drainage hole, then you must use less water. However its recommended to get a pot with a drainage.

When you see the excess water is coming out of the drainage hole, then you can stop watering.

While watering if your foliage gets wet, then place them in sunlight so the droplets gets evaporated. Else, they may result in rotting.

When you see the upper soil of your jade plant is dry, then water evenly. Depending on your climate, you may have to water jade plant thrice in a week.

Bottom Watering Jade Plant

When you find the soil is dry.

  • Fill a plastic pot (which is slight larger than your grow pot) with 1 inch of distilled water.
  • Now, place the grow pot in the plastic pot or try that is filled with 1 inch of water.
  • Allow the roots to suck the water thoroughly. It may take like 10 minutes.
  • Again you can check the soil and see if it’s wet.

This method of watering has its own benefits, the root gets maximum water and it grows strong. However, you might have to take some extra time for it.

Both methods of watering jade plant, works efficiently.

How to Water Jade Plant in Summer & Winter?

Jade plant is a succulent, means they store water in leaves.

These plants don’t do well when you keep them overwatered. However, in summer you must check your houseplant to make sure the top soil isn’t dry. If it’s dry, then you can water them.

If you’ve this plant indoors, then you might have to water once in 2 weeks. But make sure to check the top soil regularly.

In winter, this succulent plant undergoes dormant. So, allow them to dry between watering. Compared to summer and spring, jade plant requires less water in fall and winter seasons.

  • Though jade plant is hard and tough plant, many people fail because of overwatering. Watering your plant more than it needs results in rotting of roots. You can check the soil and decide to water them.
  • Underwatering is also a thing with indoor plants. Though succulent hold water in leaves, in hot temperatures they may need excess water. You must check the top soil and water when needed. Else, the greenery of the leaves will turn yellow or wrinkled.

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Things to Consider While Watering Jade Plant

Not just jade plant, these below factors has major impact on any succulent or any plant in your garden.

  • Soil type
  • Sunlight
  • Temperature
  • and Fertilizer

As mentioned above, a potting mix soil is best for this succulent. Jade plant needs well-drained soil with sand, soil and vermicompost in equal quantities.

Your jade plant needs bright sunlight for about 3-4 hours. After that you can shift them indoors. Or you can choose a location where the plant has maximum morning sunlight.

Placing this succulent in sunlight for whole day will spoil the leaf color. So, half sunlight and half shade will work.


Jade plant is hard going succulent. However, temperature below 40° F isn’t recommended.

Hot temperatures (dry air) obviously dry the soil and this may change how often you must water your jade plant.

Check the soil with your hand; in case you find it dry, water them.

If you find leaves of jade plant wrinkled in cooler climates, then it is asking you to water. Listen to your plant.

When to fertilize jade plant?

As mentioned, this plant goes dormant in winter. So, it’s recommended that you fertilize your plant twice in a year in spring and summer.

Just spread the organic fertilizer on top layer and cover it with a layer of soil.

You can also use liquid fertilizers.

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Don’t be in a hurry to repot your jade plant, even when it is small. Gardening experts say that this houseplant love root bound. However, if you see roots coming out of drainage hole, then it’s time to repot.

How to Water Jade Plant Indoor?

With thick fleshy oval shaped leaves, once jade plants are regarded as good luck for owners. So, often this succulent is grown indoors.

Because they aren’t demanding, you can easily grow them on a window sill.

Also, as listed above, they need bright sunlight for about 3-4 hours. So, make sure your indoor plant gets it.

If your house doesn’t have such location, then you can place the jade plant outdoors for couple of hours and bring it back on your table.

Another important aspect while growing jade plant indoors is watering.

Most people fail to grow healthy and beautiful succulent because of overwatering.

Go through above paragraphs to decide when to water your jade plant.

Depending on the climate in your region, water your indoor succulent only when the soil is dry. Like once in 2-3 weeks.

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How to Water Jade Plant When on Vacation?

If its winter, you can water your jade plant thoroughly and leave for your vacation. These succulents can easily manage for a couple of weeks.

In summer, you can go for self watering system. Even in summer, they don’t need regular water if you keep them indoors.

Another best thing about growing jade plant is that is easy to propagate this plant through its stem. After pruning, instead of throwing leftover you can actually plant them in coconut coir and water them. Within few weeks you’ll be glad to see another beautiful jade plant in your room.

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Jade Plant Care Tips (Wrapping-up)

If you skipped above lines, then don’t worry read this few lines at-least to know how to water your jade plant.

  • Thick leaves and brown colored stems that resembles tiny tree tuck make this succulent more beautiful.
  • Apart being aesthetic, growing jade plant is easy. There few things which you must take care and this succulent will bring life to your space.
  • Soil mixture, watering, sunlight, pruning, fertilizing and repotting.
  • In case of jade plant, you don’t need to worry much about repotting. Because they grow very slowly. Repot them only when you feel the container is too small.
  • Soil mixture, mix garden soil, vermicompost and sand. (As this succulent need well-drained soil.)
  • Water your jade plant only when the top soil layer is dry. You can check it manually with hand, if you find it wet then don’t water your plant.
  • Jade plant needs bright sunlight of about 3-4 hours. So place them in such a location where it will be exposed to bright sunlight.
  • Pruning helps to grow the plant and you can trim top part of the jade plant. So, that small tree truck like branch appears after pruning.
  • Spring and summer are best seasons to fertilize your plant.
  • In winter they go dormant, so no need to fertilize in winter.