Calla Lily Light Requirements: How Much Sunlight it Needs?

Grown from rhizomes, calla lily plant is a flower plant that adds aesthetic appeal to your garden.

With multicolored blossoms, this houseplant can be grown indoors under growing lights.

To have a thriving indoor house plant, you must know calla lily light requirements.

A healthy calla lily plant requires 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight. This houseplant thrives in warm climatic conditions, but can’t tolerate extreme heat and cold conditions.

In tropical and subtropical regions, calla lily plant does best in bright sunlight to partial shade. In colder regions, full sun this plant blooms when exposed to full sun.

Calla lily plant is ideal for growing in containers and it won’t fail to impress your guests.

To grow eye catching multicolored flowers, this plant must be exposed to optimal sunlight and well-drained growing soil.

How Much Light Do Calla Lilies Need?

Native to South Africa, calla lily plant can tolerate in different climactic conditions. But, it won’t tolerate extreme heat or extreme cold.

Calla lily plant does well under bright full sun for about 6 hours.

In summer, when sunlight is harsh, you must move the plant under shade.

In colder regions, calla lily plant blooms when exposed to full sun. However, you must protect the plant from frost and extreme cold at night.

Indoor calla lily plant needs bright indirect sunlight. Choose a location in your room, where the plant gets morning sunlight.

Avoid direct harsh or extreme sunlight.

If your region doesn’t get enough sunlight or if you’re living in apartment, you can also use LED grow light for calla lily plants.

Calla Lily Light Requirements

What happens when plants don’t get enough light?

Due to lack of light, plants fail to produce chlorophyll (a green pigment responsible for green color of foliage), and plant turns yellow.

Similarly, calla lily plant requires light to produce carbohydrates. Which in-turn helps to bloom and grow your plant.

Light requirements of calla lilies differ depending on warmer or cooler climates in your region.

  • Calla lily needs 6 hours of indirect bright light.
  • If sunlight in your region isn’t harsh, then you can place calla lily under full sun.
  • Remember to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for longer time.
  • In warmer regions, you can choose a spot where the plant is exposed to bright morning light and protected from scorching heat by shade.
  • In simple words, calla lily plant can be grown in partial shade.
  • Indoor calla lilies must be placed beside east or west facing windows.
  • Avoid placing next heaters or air conditioners.
  • When frosting, save your plant from cold breeze.

Instead of sunlight, you can grow calla lily under grow lights. Though it may cost you some bucks, you don’t have to worry about the outdoor climate.

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What is bright indirect light?

When sunlight travels to your plant after bouncing any object, it is called indirect sunlight.

If your calla lily plants get direct light for few hours in the morning and then receive indirect sunlight, it is accepted as bright indirect sunlight by gardeners. (Source)

Do Calla Lily Need Full Sun or Shade?

You must first understand what is full sun, full shade and partial shade.

Full sun is often regarded when the plant gets at-least 6 hours of direct sunlight.

Partial shade or partial sun means when your plant gets 3-6 hours of sunlight.

  • In case of calla lilies, you can grow this plant in full sun (indirect sunlight) and partial shade.
  • In cooler regions, houseplants like calla lily blooms when exposed to full sun.
  • In warmer areas, your plant must be saved from scorching sunlight by providing partial shade.

Does Calla Lily Like Grow Lights?

I don’t have to repeat this; plant needs light for photosynthesis process.

When you can’t provide adequate sunlight, using grow light can be effective.

Yes, calla lily plant can be grown using grow lights.

How long should you use grow lights?

If your plant isn’t receiving any sunlight, then you must provide 16 to 18 hours of light per day.

In your case, if the plant is getting some light through windows, then 12 hours of grow light will be sufficient. (Source)

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Signs that your Calla Lily Plant isn’t Getting Enough Sunlight

  • When calla lily doesn’t get enough sunlight its leaves start to turn yellow to white.
  • Stems of the plant seem weak and leggy.
  • Calla lily may experience leaf drop.
  • Plant doesn’t bloom and flower buds are not formed.
  • Stunted growth, large space between leaf nodes and discolored leaves are common signs that calla lily isn’t getting enough light. (Source)

As mentioned, calla lily comes under high-light plants. Indoors choose a spot where the plant gets bright indirect light. Windows facing towards south or south west or east will be effective to give adequate light to calla lily plant.

If your indoor space isn’t getting required amount of light, you can compensate with artificial lightening.

Important Growing Tips for Calla Lily

Regularly check your plant to ensure that it gets adequate essential elements.

Along with water, growing medium, fertilizers, calla lily plant needs sufficient amount of light.

  • 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight will be sufficient for calla lily growth.
  • Though you must keep the soil moist, but excess water logging can result in root rot.
  • Choose well-drained soil to remove excess water efficiently.
  • Depending on climate and temperature in your region, regulate watering frequency.
  • In warmer days, you must increase watering cycle. Check the soil for moisture and water if it’s dry.
  • In winter plant under goes dormancy, you should reduce watering and even stop if needed.
  • Overwatering is one of the common gardening issues faced by many gardeners. Check the soil for moisture using your index finger before watering the plant.
  • You can use liquid fertilizers to enrich growing soil of calla lily plant.

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Light requirements of calla lily plant differ depending on climatic conditions in your region.

If you’re living in warmer climate, 6 hours of bright indirect sunlight will be sufficient to produce blossoms.

Save your plant from harsh direct sunlight.

You can grow calla lily plant in partial shade or partial sun.

Alternatively, you can use grow lights indoors to give adequate amount of light.

When your plant lacks light, it don’t bloom and leaves turn yellow.