5 Best Animals for 1 Acre Homestead

Chickens, Ducks and Rabbits are among the best animals to be raised in a small homestead. Goats, bees and cattle can also be grown depending on your requirements.

Homesteading life rewards you with various opportunities that can’t be fulfilled in any other way.

You come close to the nature and healthy living.

Growing your own food and raising animals are great mind refreshers.

However, you need must have a plan to have a successful homesteading life. Not most homesteaders want to go back to metro lifestyle again.

Having profitable animals support you financially and allows you to manage your expenses.

Even if you’ve 1 acre homestead farmland, you can start raising these animals.

Most millennials are turning towards homestead lifestyle because they want to have a healthy lifestyle away from polluted metros.

As the corporate companies destroyed our food chain system with junks, parents are opting to live a self-sustained lifestyle.

Though they don’t get a day off as homesteaders, they love to raise their kids in this environment.

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best animals for homestead

Best Animals for 1 Acre Homestead

Due to lack of space, most small homesteaders end-up just growing veggies. But, very few realize that there are animals that can thrive even in small spaces.

Certainly, every homesteader has personal preference when it comes to raising animals. Defiantly, you should consider restrictions and preference before deciding.

This write-up will help you understand benefits and importance of certain animals and why they are regarded as best animals for small homestead.

1. Chickens

These are said to be the gateway animals to homesteading.

Most people start raising chickens in backyard and then gradually develop love towards homesteading life.

Even urban homesteaders can keep chickens as they can thrive in a relatively small area.

  • Every chicken need one square meter.
  • They are great way to recycle your vegetable scraps to nutrient rich manure.
  • Poultry manure or chicken poop can be a great source of organic fertilizer for your vegetable garden.
  • Apart from benefiting from its poop, you can enjoy its meat and sale its eggs.

Best chicken breeds for your homestead. Try different range of chicken varieties to maximize your income source.

  • Golden Comets and ISA brown are known for laying eggs.
  • Dual purpose chicken include: Delaware chickens, barred rock and Jersey giant.
  • Meat chicken breeds include: Red rangers, Delaware boilers and Jumbo Cornish X Rocks

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2. Rabbits

Raising rabbits is another best option for small and new homesteaders.

These low-maintenance and quite animals are raised for meat and its droppings can be used to enrich your garden.

Similar to livestock, there are different breeds of rabbits that are raised for meat.

While raising rabbits you should consider grow out rate and meat bone ratio.

Below are top 5 rabbit breeds that can raised for meat.

  • New Zealands
  • Californians
  • Silver Fox
  • Standard Rex
  • Champagne d’Argent

Rabbit cage should be safe enough to protect it from harsh weather conditions and have good ventilation.

3. Goats

Depending on how many goats you’re raising, you may require slightly larger space.

However, 1 acre homesteaders can opt to raise goats, as it can reduce your financial burden.

  • Goats produce 2% of world’s total annual milk. Rich in protein and other nutrients, goat milk can be used to make other dairy products at home.
  • Goat is great source of meat. With high protein and low fat, goat meat is regarded as the best alternative to other meats.
  • Manure from goat can be used to fertilize plants. It can be used to increase water retention ability of the soil.
  • Besides these benefits, goats are good companions for humans. Every homesteader must raise at-least few goats in their farm.

Arrange proper shade, water and feeding facility to your goats.

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4. Bees

Similar to raising livestock, you must learn how to raise bees at your homestead.

Beekeeping or apiculture can be started in small space with lots of sunlight, water and away from human traffic.

Apart from producing nutritious honey, bees pollinate your plants and you can make extra money by selling beeswax and bee pollen.

Beeswax is known for cosmetic benefits. You can make your own skin care products and live a self-sustainable lifestyle.

5. Ducks or Geese

Similar to chickens, ducks and geese are popular choice for homesteaders.

Apart from providing eggs and meat, they control pest in your garden.

It requires minimal space to graze and is less susceptible to diseases compared to chickens.

Benefits of Raising Animals in Homestead

If not planned rightly, homesteading can turn into never ending money pit for you.

Raising animals along with gardening helps new homesteaders with extra money and fresh food.

You actually prepare a self-sustaining eco system around you.

  1. Farm-to-Table Freshness: Nothing beats the freshness of home-raised meat, eggs, and dairy, adding a wholesome touch to your family’s meals.
  2. Independence and Empowerment: By nurturing your own livestock, you’re reducing reliance on supermarkets and taking charge of your household’s sustenance, empowering yourself in the process.
  3. Control Over Quality: With animals under your care, you can ensure they’re fed well and live healthy lives, resulting in superior-quality produce compared to store-bought options.
  4. Closer to Nature: Homesteading with animals deepens your connection to the natural world, allowing you to witness the cycles of life firsthand and fostering a profound appreciation for Mother Nature.
  5. Hands-On Learning: Caring for animals on your homestead offers invaluable educational experiences for both you and your family, teaching important lessons in animal husbandry, agriculture, and sustainability.
  6. Companionship and Joy: Chickens, goats, and other farm animals can become cherished companions, bringing joy and liveliness to your homestead.
  7. Garden Boosters: Animal manure serves as excellent fertilizer, enriching your garden soil and promoting vibrant plant growth.
  8. Income Potential: Through selling surplus produce or breeding animals, you have the opportunity to generate extra income while doing what you love.
  9. Physical Well-being: Tending to animals keeps you active and engaged, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and improved fitness levels.
  10. Emotional Fulfillment: The bond formed with your animals can be deeply fulfilling, offering a sense of purpose, connection, and contentment in your homesteading journey.

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I listed only 5 animals that I think are best for small homesteaders. Depending on your requirement and space, you can add-up few more.

Chickens and rabbits are my top animals to get started with homesteading. What are yours? Let me know in comments.