47 Best Homestead Blogs for Inspiration and Tips (2024)

Homesteading is an adventurous and challenging journey. Following the best homesteading blogs can steer your away from minor blunders and help you to learn faster.

Going through what other homesteaders have already achieved can fill confident and make you resilient.

Whether you’re dreaming or planning to start homesteading later in life, blogs and YouTube channels are a great resource to kick start your off the grid life.

Bookmark this page, so that you can revisit to follow these awesome collections of how-to guides on making money from homestead, raising chicks, animals, growing veggies and composting kitchen scraps to reuse in the garden.

47 Best Homesteading Blogs to Follow

best homestead blogs

These blogs aren’t listed in a particular order. But, I tried to group blogs based on their growing experience.

For instance, blogs that write more about growing chicks are listed at once place.

Let’s get started.

1. Fresheggsdaily.Blog – Gardens+ herbs, chicken, geese and ducks and recipes

Lisa Steele, widely recognized as the “Queen of the Coops,” is the creative mind behind Fresh Eggs Daily.

For over a decade, she has been sharing her expertise on raising backyard flocks and crafting recipes with farm-fresh ingredients. Lisa is not only an influential figure in poultry care but also an accomplished author with bestselling books on the subject.

Additionally, she hosts the award-winning TV show “Welcome to My Farm,” further solidifying her presence as a prominent and knowledgeable figure in the world of homesteading and backyard farming.

2. Thriftyhomesteader.com – A Goat Expert

Deborah Niemann is author of 6 books, who writes about raising goats and living thrifty.

She started this blog after writing 2 books on homesteading and sustainable living.

Deborah also taught online classes on raising goat for University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

If you’re looking for an expert with lots of teaching experience, then follow her.

Apart from growing goats, you can learn about home cleaning, home grown business, composting and raising livestock. Check here for premium teaching.

3. Theprairiehomestead.com – Homestead Cooking Recipes

Along with lots of heritage recipes, you’ll find Jill sharing her practical knowledge on raising livestock and gardening.

She has been featured in major media outlets like Woman’s Day, HuffPost, Wall Street Journal, People Magazine and COWGIRL magazine.

With 7 million downloads her podcast in a huge success.

4. Simplelivingcountrygal.com – Ideal for urban women want to start homesteading

If you’re living in metro and looking forward to start homesteading or gardening journey, then this blog is apt for you.

Tracy Lynn started the blog in 2016 and from then she stick to her motto “make it, raise it or grow it.”

You can find homesteading, gardening guides and tips on frugal living.

5. Mranimalfarm.com – learn to grow goats, chickens and preserve food

Kristin and Justin, wife and husband started with a small garden and few chickens.

After years of experience in growing chickens, goats and preserving food, they make living and profits from their homestead.

If you’re planning to make money by raising livestock, then this blog must be bookmarked.

6. Melissaknorris.com – Grows 100% own meat

Melissa enjoys homesteading in 14.96 acres of land in Washington State.

Along with her husband, she is keeping alive her family heritage of growing own food.

On her blog she shares her experience of growing 100% own meat, 75% own fruits and 50% own vegetables.

7. Growagoodlife.com – Gardening, cooking, canning and persevering

As a homesteader you enjoy living a self-sufficient life. This blog educates you to about growing veggies in the farm, delicious recipes and tips to preserve the food

If you’re like me you don’t like to have packed foods, then persevering and canning are two essential techniques that need to be learned.

With practical examples and helpful gardening sheets, growagoodlife.com ensures you become a successful gardener.

8. Homesteadingfamily.com – growing, preserving, cooking and frugal living

Carolyn and Josh are behind this popular blog, podcast and YouTube channel.

On subscription you can get monthly digital magazine from Homesteadingfamily.com

You learn vegetable growing and preserving guides and animal raising tips.

This blog is my personal choice, as I love to watch them on YouTube and read on their hands on experience on homesteading.

9. Attainable-Sustainable.net – best food preserving and gardening tips

Kris Bordessa is a certified Master Food Preserver and she also shares gardening tips.

Being an author, she has been featured on publications like The New York Times, Apartment Therapy and Real Simple.

At very young age she started growing fruits and vegetables to sell them in the market.

10. Homestead-honey.com – how to live off-grid

Teri Page joined internship to grow vegetables, water raised beds and compost.

Started with 35 acres rented farm land, Teri along with her husband built homestead from scratch and lived in Oregon for 13 years.

In Oct 2012 family shifted to Missouri to start new homestead with solar electricity and depending on rain water.

If you’re into serious off the grid life, then her journey and books will surely inspire and educate you.

Right now Teri and family stays in Vermont leading another off the grid life.

11. Homesteadersofamerica.com – Building homestead & gardening

Founded by Amy Fewell homesteaders of America is by homesteader’s team.

It’s a resourceful blog for homesteaders with podcasts, magazines and events.

If you’re looking for a homesteading community then this place is for you. You can get a premium membership to get discounts from suppliers and other member only group discussions.

You can read podcasts transcript on the blog.

12. Abundantpermaculture.com – Chicken ninja

Justin Rhodes started the blog to share his experience on growing chickens, cows, sheep, rabbits and other livestock.

On their 140 acres of farm land Justin and his wife homestead to raise animals, grow plants and permaculture guide.

On this blog, Justin shares images and videos of how to garden and irrigate them. You can also find guides on raising animals.

13. Weedemandreap.com – Learn raising goats, chickens and gardening

Danelle shares how growing own food reduced chronic diseases and asthma of her son.

On her one acre land in Phoenix, Danelle raises goats, sheep, chickens and gardening.

Apart from this, you’ll get articles on healthy lifestyle and food preserving guides.

Danelle serves as a prime example of how cultivating your own food can help in preventing diseases.

14. Asformeandmyhomestead.com – Home-schooling, Homestead & Crafts

Jamie & Dan live in a homestead of 5 acres along with their 3 kids.

Jamie writes cooking recipes, homeschooling guides and crafts that you can assign to your children.

Apart from this you can see herbal medicine recipes that you can make at your homestead.

15. Littlehouseliving.com – Frugal and Simple Living

Merissa with her husband and 3 kids live in 100 acres of land. She homestead and help others who would like to escape from the hectic urban life.

The blog also include a forum where you can have a discussion with other homesteaders.

16. Lifeatcobblehillfarm.com – Simple living, homestead & homemade food

Staci used to have a really stressful job in a busy office. Her life was chaotic, full of stress and a toxic environment. It was like carrying a heavy burden every day.

But then, she decided to change things. Staci and her husband started homesteading. Now, Staci’s life is totally different, and she’s really happy.

You can read all about Staci’s amazing journey on her blogs. They’re great for beginners who want to learn. Staci’s new life is all about taking it slow.

She makes food from scratch, using homemade ingredients. She believes homemade is always the better choice.

17. Tenthacrefarm.com – Permaculture

The writer of the award-winning book “Suburban Micro Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People,” Amy Stross, explores permaculture gardening.

She was a high school teacher, but she quit teaching to pursue gardening. Amy learned a lot about it and has helped many people.

You can learn more about permaculture gardening and edible landscaping on Tenth Acre Farm.

Amy loves teaching and speaking about these topics. She majored in veterinary science in college, graduated with a master’s in Spanish education, and is now a certified permaculture designer and author.

18. OriginalHomesteading.com – Chickens, Gardening & Cooking

If you’re someone with a creative spirit, seeking imaginative gardening ideas and a crafty approach to cooking from your garden, the Original Homesteading is a must-visit.

With a homesteading journey that began over 40 years ago, they predate the era of iPhones and smart-phones.

For insights into homeschooling adventures, homesteading practices, and gardening wisdom that spans generations, a visit to the Original Homesteading is highly recommended.

19. Homegrownselfreliance.com – Forage, herbal remedies & Homestead

Shawna, originally from the city, now rents a 3.8-acre farm with her family. While she may not be an expert, she is a down-to-earth lady who shares her everyday experiences.

If you’re interested in growing your own food, honing vintage skills, and learning about farm life, you can follow Shawna’s journey on Home Grown Self-Relevance.

The blog is all about Shawna’s personal experiences with self-reliance, and she loves to share and help others on a similar path.

20. Montanahomesteader.com – Beekeeping, chickens, recipes & forage

Montana Homesteader began its journey in 2013 when Annie, who was raised in an old farmhouse in the country, decided to share her family’s traditions.

With three generations of women in her family teaching the art of cooking from scratch, Annie inherited a deep connection to the land.

She is a certified master gardener and certified master naturalist, proud owner of a 4.5-acre farm.

Annie is passionate about sharing her experiences, skills, and knowledge with others, aiming to help them learn and embrace the joys of homesteading.

21. Ladyleeshome.com – Gardening & Preserving

If you appreciate a simple lifestyle and aspire to live by growing plants, preparing ingredients, making food from scratch, raising animals, and crafting soap and cheese, then a visit to Lady Lee’s Home is a must.

Lady Lee, whose real name is Lee Traister, is not only a gardener and business owner but also enjoys camping and traveling.

On her blog, she generously shares her homesteading expertise and recounts her travel experiences.

Whether you’re seeking homesteading tips or eager to learn from her adventures, Lady Lee’s Home is a delightful destination.

22. Citygirlfarming.com – Learn to grow your own food

Kerrie grew up in Montana but later moved to Poland, where city life left her feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. The allure of convenience store meals lost its appeal, prompting her to start planting plants in cans.

After facing a life-and-death situation with stage 3 cancer, she decided it was time for a complete lifestyle change.

Follow Kerrie’s inspiring journey on City Girl Farming and Art, where she shares her experiences in transitioning from city life to a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

23. Ourinspiredroots.com – Health & Wellness & Homesteading

Mindy Woods felt discontent with her 9-to-5 job and weekend-only lifestyle, prompting her to explore alternative ways of living.

Seeking a more self-reliant path, she embarked on a journey to learn essential skills.

Today, Mindy is a certified permaculture designer and teacher, passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping others. Her love for teaching extends to homesteading, and if you’re eager to learn about growing plants and medicinal herbs, be sure to explore Inspired Roots.

Mindy’s platform is a valuable resource for those seeking insights into a more self-sufficient and fulfilling lifestyle.

24. Steelravenfarms.com – Raising Animals, garden & Homesteading tools

If you have a passion for farm life, cherish the idea of a green environment, and yearn for a peaceful existence, Steel Raven Farm is a must-visit.

Judel and his wife, after Judel’s retirement from the army, have dedicated themselves to a serene life on a vast farm. Their farm is not just a home; it’s a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

If you’re curious about the distinctions between homesteading and farming, then exploring Steel Raven Farm will provide valuable insights.

Dive into their experience, and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge about creating a harmonious and sustainable life in connection with the land.

25. Imperfectlyhappy.com – Recipes, Homesteading & Store

If you have a passion for gardening, love growing plants, and are into frugal homesteading, recipes for cooking organic, and growing your own food, Imperfect

Happy Home is the place to be. They offer valuable content on preparedness, homemade and DIY crafts, making crafty things, and maintaining health and wellness through herbs and remedies.

For a well-rounded source of information on these topics, explore the content available at imperfecthappyhome.com.

26. Thenovicehomestead.com – Chickens, Dogs & Gardening

Stacey homesteads on 5 acres of farm land with her husband.

She first got the touch of farming when she was living with her grandparents. On her blog you’ll get handful of guides and tips on raising chickens, dogs and goats.

Gardening and simple living are also major categories of her blog.

27. Commonsensehome.com – Gardening, forage & food preserving

Laurie & August, along with their sons share their experience on companion planting, regenerative farming, homesteading and food preserving guides.

It is obvious that your hand get dirty while gardening and may get some rashes. On this blog you’ll also find home remedies for such problems.

You’ll also love the recipes shared by Laurie on the blog.

28. Afarmgirlinthemaking.com – Cooking & preserving food, raising livestock

Ann Scott along with her husband Justin farms on 42 acres of land.

On the blog she shares handful of practical tips on preserving food, raising chickens and goats.

They conduct workshops and offer a guest house on the farm. You can personally have experience on farming staying there for couple of days.

29. Notsomodern.com – Homesteading, animals & gardening

Right from childhood Bonnie has interest in gardening and spending time in kitchen with her mom.

Fast forward, now she owns a 5 acre homestead in Central Florida, where she enjoys working on her passion.

If you’re an old-fashioned person, then this blog is for you. You’ll learn frugal living tips, natural remedies, homemade recipes and canning guides.

30. Bootsandhooveshomestead.com – Homesteading, gardening and recipes

Mary’s journey into homesteading began when she married her cowboy husband. As a rancher’s wife and homeschooling mother of four, Mary developed a keen interest in living close to nature. This curiosity led her to research and creates her own non-toxic cleaning products.

Adjusting to country life sparked a passion for a healthier lifestyle, motivating her to pursue a better and more sustainable life for her family.

Mary’s story is a testament to the transformative power of homesteading in embracing a more natural and intentional way of living.

31. Wisconsin homesteader.com – Simple homestead life, cooking & raising animals

Sadie, the owner of Wisconsin Homesteader, embarked on her homesteading journey inspired by her husband’s call for a simpler and self-sufficient lifestyle.

Together, they purchased land to fulfill their dream of homesteading. Embracing a life centered around community, sustainability, and homeschooling their children; they dedicate themselves to tending to their garden and livestock.

Sadie’s story reflects a commitment to a purposeful and hands-on approach to living, exemplifying the essence of the homesteading lifestyle.

32. Thepeasantsdaughter.net – Recipes, homesteading and gardening

Jana Dziak, the owner of The Peasant Daughter, generously shares her journey of rediscovering self-sufficient and sustainable living on 3 acres of land with her husband.

The blog offers content covering various aspects of homesteading, farm-to-table recipes, gardening, and caring for small livestock.

Jana’s resources are valuable for readers seeking a connection with the land and a more intentional and sustainable way of life.

The Peasant Daughter provides a wealth of information and insights for those interested in embracing a homesteading lifestyle.

33. Reformationacres.com – Homesteading, gardening, animal husbandry & food preservation

Selinda, a fisherman’s daughter turned homesteader, embarked on her journey when she married a husband with a dream of homesteading.

Now, she relishes every moment of her life. Her mission involves reforming acres to support homesteading, and she takes great joy in caring for animals.

If you’re in search of content on animal husbandry, Reformation Acres is a resource you should explore.

Selinda’s story is an inspiring testament to the fulfilling and transformative nature of a homesteading lifestyle.

34. Oakhillhomesteading.com

Kathi is a wife, mom and grandmother. She has lots of experience gardening in various places in the US.

Her goal is to help others grow organic vegetables and live a simple life.

If you’re planning to start container gardening or growing chicks or animals, Oakhillhomesteading.com would be a great resource for you.

You’ll definitely enjoy her resourceful podcast and free e-book.

35. Salt in my coffee – Animals, gardening, recipes and DIY

Anna Chesley, the creative force behind “The Salt in My Coffee,” calls a windy homestead in Maine her home, where she resides with her two children.

Her passion involves caring for animals, including turkeys, geese, chickens, and ducks. Through her blog, Anna shares her experiences and encourages others in their homesteading endeavors.

The Salt in My Coffee is a platform that not only showcases the beauty of home life but also fosters a sense of community and support among individuals engaged in the homesteading lifestyle.

36. Hillsborough-homesteading Herbal remedies, gardening, canning and recipes

Hillsborough Homesteading is a valuable resource that focuses on various aspects of a self-sufficient lifestyle. The content covers herbal remedies, providing insights into natural health solutions.

Additionally, the blog offers extensive information on animal husbandry, gardening, creating your own ingredients, and preserving techniques like foraging and canning.

It’s a go-to source for those interested in exploring recipes for organic dishes and embracing a holistic approach to homesteading.

37. Summersacres – Essential oils, animals, horticulture, kitchen

Jon and Ann, a husband and wife duo both working in the IT profession, embarked on a joyful journey towards simple living.

Despite having five adult children and one grandchild, they transitioned from a 1700 sq. feet home to a lifestyle filled with animals, orchards, berries, and gardening.

Their story reflects a deliberate shift towards a more sustainable and fulfilling way of life, embracing the beauty of nature and simplicity in their homestead journey.

38. Healing harvest homestead – Natural medicines with herbs, soap making, fermentation & gardening

Heidi Villegas, a certified professional aroma therapist and herbalist, is dedicated to empowering people in confidently using herbs and essential oils for holistic wellness, skincare, and gardening.

With over two decades of personal experience, she has a mission to rekindle traditional herbal knowledge.

Heidi’s expertise and passion make her a valuable resource for those seeking guidance in incorporating natural remedies into their lives and exploring the benefits of herbs and essential oils for overall well-being.

39. Soulyrested – Food, family, homesteading, maple and podcast

Michelle Visser, a resident of New England, resides in an old farmhouse nestled on 14 tree-filled acres.

Alongside her family, she embraces a lifestyle centered on simplicity, growing their own food, raising farm animals, tapping sugar maples, and milling flours.

Michelle generously shares her experiences and family stories on SoulyRested.com, offering insights into their journey of sustainable living and the beauty of a life connected to nature.

40. Amodernhomestead.com – Recipes, frugal living & homesteading

Victoria shares her from the scratch recipes and frugal living tips.

Her writings and guides can help urban people to start their first homestead without shifting to woods.

Canning tips on the blog guides to preserve food you grow in your backyard or farm land.

41. Theelliotthomestead.com Recipes & homesteading

Shaye shares wide range of things on her blog, which include recipes, gardening and homestead.

Best Chicken Blogs to Follow

raising chickens

42. Backyardchickens.com – A community for raising chickens

Join this community to get answers from experts in raising chickens.

As a new homesteader this forum will educate you and help you build confidence and at the same time give you different ways to make money by raising chickens.

43. Timbercreekfarmer.com – a complete homestead blog

Janet offers handful of tips and courses on raising chickens, ducks, rabbits & sheep. She also shares homesteading tips and homemade recipes on the blog.

44. Randyschickenblog.squarespace.com

Randy’s blog is all about chickens. You’ll find every possible guided needed while raising poultry.

Best Goat Blogs to Follow

45. Insteading.com – Gardening, homestead & raising animals

It includes info articles on gardening and homesteading.

You can share your experience of homesteading on this blog.

46. Gretta’s Goats

Gretta & Eric both share their experience of raising goats in their farm.

They also conduct events & classes to educate people about homesteading.

You’ll enjoy the personal touch on their blog.

47. Reformstead.com – Homesteading, raising chickens & goats

Julia homesteads on 2.5 acres; she shares helpful tips on homesteading and raising livestock.

Homesteading isn’t fun, you got to deal with diseases animals and visit the veterinarian a couple of times.

On this blog you’ll get tips on dealing with minor injuries and it gives you a moral support when your pet is sick.

Special mention: Self Sustaining Blog

Growforagecookferment.com – Grow, Cook & Ferment

Colleen is a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies from University of Oregon.

On this blog, she shares her love, passion and expertise towards growing roots, cooking, forage and cooking recipes.

She is a author of e-books and offer course on forage.


It’s a huge list, so I recommend you bookmark this page.

Referring homestead blogs regularly will educate and make you resilient, as homesteading isn’t an easy job, you need something that keeps you driving to continue the work.

Reading these blogs, you get inspired and you can set a goal for yourself.