How Long Can Monstera Live in Water?

Is it even possible to grow monstera in water?

Yes, though monstera deliciosa natively grow in soil, it can adapt to survive in water.

Compared to monstera grown in water, soil plant has shown faster growth over the years.

We shall discuss about the best propagating medium later in this article. Before that, how long can monstera plant live in water?

Based on anecdotal experience, I can say that monstera plant can be grown in water forever, only if you ensure to care this houseplant by regularly changing the water, enriching it with essential liquid fertilizers and adequate amount of light.

As a houseplant owner you might have used water to propagate monstera, but leaving the plant in it forever is something most gardeners would like to do. Because it has its share of pros, for instance it saves you lots of time.

Growing monstera in water can be fun and experimental to propagate this plant. But, if you’re looking for a bigger monstera plant then I recommend you to move monstera from water to soil.

Nevertheless, monstera has proven that it can survive in water provided that you change it regularly.

Can I Move My Monstera from Soil to Water?

how long can monstera live in water

To grow and move monstera from soil to water, you should first get rid of soil.

Clean them, soil attached to roots and make it difficult for plant to grow.

Just think that you’re propagating monstera in water. Soil roots are capable of absorbing oxygen from air. But, when you immerse them in water they may not be able to effectively get oxygen from it.

As we all know monstera isn’t an aquatic plant. However, it can adapt to the new environment.

With time these soil roots drop off and water roots pop-up.

So, first you need to allow monstera to grow water roots that will be able to absorb oxygen from water.

Though it both roots do similar work, water roots are whiter and thicker compared to soil roots.

At this step, don’t hurry to fertilize your monstera. As mentioned above, you must let monstera to propagate new water roots. Once new roots shoot-up, you can add essential nutrients and see the plant growth.

How Long Can Monstera Live in Water?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. Probably, monstera plant can survive few months or even years (with right care) and then start to rot.

You must replace it with clean water and new monstera cutting. It is not possible that you immerse the cutting in water and leave it grow.

Gardeners those who have grown monstera in water have seen growth of new leaves. But, when compared to growth of soil plants it is not significant.

It is unnatural for monstera to grow in water. But, this houseplant adapt to the new environment in no time to show growth.

But, even during growing season you won’t see tremendous, because to successfully grow any plant you should replicate its natural environment.

Why would I want to grow a Monstera plant in water?

Growing monstera in transparent vases adds beauty to your indoor space. It’s one of the unique ways to grow houseplant, which you can brag about before your guests.

It is interesting to try new ways of growing plants.

And in this case, your plant is ready to adapt to the new water environment. If you’ve potted monstera, just satisfy your curious hands you can try growing monstera in water.

Pros of growing a monstera plant in water

  • Less soil mess: Those who have lots of indoor plants might have hard time with cleaning soil every day. Just for a change and do décor your table with greenery, using monstera in a clear vase isn’t a bad idea.
  • Water is cheaper than buying soil: Monstera plant need well-drained nutrient rich potting soil to grow. So, it might be expensive overtime when compared to water.
  • Reduced pests: Hydroponics stops the rapid growth of pests. Moist soil provides habitat for bugs like gnats. Even if pests attack, you can just wash them up without worrying about the soil wastage.
  • Reduce growth problems: You don’t have to worry about overwatering or underwatering monstera plant. If provided with clean water, light and fertilizer, you don’t have to worry about plant problems.
  • Monstera in clear vases adds beauty: It adds aesthetic appeal to your space. This is why most gardeners like to share plants in transparent vase through which you can see roots.

Cons of growing monstera in water

  • Reduced plant growth: It is unnatural to grow monstera in water. Though it might survive, you won’t have a big growing monstera plant.
  • Rotting: Not taking proper care can result in rotting of soil roots.
  • Algae: If not cleaned and change water regularly, algae appear all round the vase and you can’t stop it.

Tip: Don’t over fertilize and reduce the amount of light exposure to water. This will help to get rid of algae. (Source)

Can Monstera Grow in Water Forever?

Though monstera plant can live in water for longer time, but this doesn’t mean it can forever.

Monstera plant thrives only in its natural habitat, which is growing in nutrient rich well-drained soil.

It can adapt survive and grow to some extent in water. But, when they are left in water for years, the root can rot and the plant needs to be replaced with new cutting.

Can Monstera Grow New Leaves in Water?

When you move monstera to water container, it initially starts to grow new water roots in couple of weeks.

Eventually, new leaves start to grow. But, due to unnatural growing environment leaves and the monstera plant on the whole won’t be able to reach greater height.

With new leaves appears, old leaves disappear and your monstera is left with same number of leaves.

How to: Growing Monstera in Water?

Monstera is ever-green plant that can be grown indoors or outdoors. You can grow in the fertile soil and in water.

If you’ve bunch of potted houseplants, trying to grow monstera in water can be fun and interesting.

Apart from using water to grow monstera for longer time, most gardeners use water to propagate monstera and then move it to the soil.

If you want to add an attractive vase of monstera on your working table, then you should start by placing the monstera cutting with node in water.

Note: Monstera can’t live in water forever. They need soil to thrive.

1. Cutting monstera with more than 2-3 nodes.

Though you can move monstera plant from soil to water after cleaning, soil roots can’t efficiently absorb oxygen from water and leaving it in water for longer time can rot them.

However, new water roots shoot up from monstera it is recommended to go with the monstera cutting like you do while propagating to grow in water.

  • Use sterilized tools to cut ½ inch below the node.
  • Cut monstera plant with several nodes and put it in a container filled with water.
  • These nodes are responsible to develop new roots for your monstera.
  • Without nodes, your cutting won’t be able to develop roots.

Note: Nodes are circular rings around the plant.

2. Fill the container or vase with water

You can use clear vase through which you can see the roots growing. This will ensure you can acts if you the green algae appear on the roots.

If you think water roots of monstera are creepy, then you can use a colored container as outer pot.

Water you use to grow monstera must be free from chemicals and chlorine.

Use distilled water or rainwater.

If your tap water is free from chemicals, you can use it. However, it is recommended that you keep the tap water overnight in a open vessel and then use it in the morning.

3. Provide Indirect Light to Monstera in Water

Direct sunlight can heat-up the water and eventually damaged monstera.

Keep the container or vase with monstera beside windowsill, where it gets indirect sunlight.

4. Change Water Regularly, after every 3-4 days

If you don’t care to change the water, it can eventually rot your new roots and the monstera plant leaves turn yellow.

Every 3 days change the water with clean water. While changing water you can also clean monstera plant roots by washing.

If you notice any part of roots are damaged, then get rid of them to avoid the spread.

5. Add Fertilizer

Monstera plant needs nutrients to grow. Liquid fertilizers recommended for hydroponics is the only way it gets its nutrients.

Avoid over-fertilizing, follow the recommended usage.

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Can You Put Monstera in a Fish Tank?

Yes, you can grow monstera in an aquarium. But, make sure the leaves aren’t dipped in water. Arrange a clip that holds the plant from submerging completely in water.

Not just monstera, you can grow other water loving houseplants in fish tank.

However, there are few pros and cons growing monstera in aquarium.

Can You Put Monstera Aerial Roots in Water?

Yes, when you immerse aerial roots in water it can grow up as string root. Here is a video of gardener who experimented by keeping aerial root in water.

But, after rooting she moved the aerial root to soil. I don’t know what happens if you continue to keep aerial roots in water for longer time. Probably, I guess it stays stronger whiter and thicker ensuring it absorbs nutrients and oxygen from water.

Should I Plant Monstera in Soil or Water?

For a thriving monstera plant you must grow it in well drained fertile potting soil. Though monstera plant can survive in water it can’t be able to grow tremendously.

However, while propagating you can dip monstera cutting in water and then move to the soil once roots appear.

Another way is you can leave monstera in water to beautify your space. Based on how to take care of the plant it can live in water for longer period.

How to Care Water-Grown Monstera Plant?

This is a low-maintenance houseplant, but it need to be maintained. Ignoring can result in root rotting.

  1. Most important thing is to change the water after every 3 days. If you notice water color is changed, then you should change it with clean water immediately.
  2. While changing water, if you find the container has build-up bacterial or algae growth, then rinse it thoroughly.
  3. Bacterial growth inhibits root growth and leads to rotting.
  4. Monstera need nutrients to be able to growth successfully. Hydroponic designed nutrient packs can be brought through online and use it moderately.
  5. Maintain ideal temperature, too hot or too cold water can inhibit plant growth.
  6. Monstera thrives in indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can warm-up the water and burn newly formed water roots.


Monstera is native to tropical climate and it is one of the low-maintenance houseplant.

With little effort, it adds greenery and beauty with attractive foliage.

If you’ve curious gardening hands and want to try different ways to grow monstera, then you can grow monstera in water.

Though many of use water to propagate monstera cuttings, in this case we’re planning to leave monstera plant in water for longer time.

How long can monstera plant live in water, it depends on how much you care.

Anecdotal experience states that monstera can survive (not thrive) in water for years.

You must ensure to regularly change water, provide adequate light and add hydroponic fertilizers.

Growing monstera in water is inexpensive compared to its plants grown in soil, but monstera can’t reach its maximum height in water. However, you can use monstera dipped in clear vase filled with water to décor your visitors area.

It all depends on you to choose water over soil. But, I personally recommend giving it a try and choose monstera cutting over the plant with soil roots.