10 Fastest Growing Vegetables in Pots

fastest growing vegetables

It is really simple plus fun to grow vegetables and herbs in pots. You may too grow these vegetables in your raised bed garden. You can grow these vegetables in two months and more. Mostly vegetables can be grown simply in pots or growing containers, given you use nutrient-rich compost either soil mixture.

If you are going to grow vegetables in little pots then, make assured that you are using manure instead of soil as the soil can dry out quite fast plus your plants can struggle in this situation. For bigger pots, you can use a mixture of soil with about 40% genuine quality loam soil plus 60% manure. We would suggest making manure for plants growing in pots for one season and more sustainable planting such as soil-based mixtures for soil herbs or fruit bushes.

10 Fastest Growing Vegetables in Pots

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the chosen vegetables for gardeners to grow. Growing tomatoes in a little or larger pot are easy plus much comforting. There are many ways to grow tomatoes, and you can attend any of them. Though you have to hold some points in mind, that what kind you are planning to grow. Tomatoes need healthy soil, enough sunlight, plus constant watering. If you are buying tomato seedlings, look for small, compact plants that do not have flowers yet. Moreover, another essential point is to note that when planting tomato plants, place them deep inside the pot or container; much deeper than another plant.

2. Peas

Peas are an excellent winter vegetable. Its production stops when the weather is warm. Peas can be planted in the early spring and again when it cools in the fall. This greeny vegetable is absolute for continuation planting, sow them in the early spring and when it is warm and also when they completed producing, simply pick them out and put some more in the same pot. They enhance the soil, adding nitrogen into it, which can be pretty much helpful for your next plants. Peas are regarded as one of the best vegetables to grow with children. They are fast-growing plus super-simple.

3. Potatoes

Have you ever cooked freshly chosen potatoes from your garden? Trust me this is entirely separate from the potatoes you buy from shops. So give it a try. You can simply grow potatoes in pots or containers because it requires an adequate volume of soil plus water. Potatoes are added to nearly all vegetables in India, and children enjoy eating to it.

4. Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the Quickest growing greeny vegetables. You can grow lettuce straight from the seeds. The lettuce took around 50 days to completely mature. 

Although you can regrow shop-bought Lettuce. Cut the end of the lettuce around two inches and plant that piece in the soil of your pot. In around a week, the leaves will emerge. You can harvest lettuce three times per year.

5. Basil

Choose any fresh cuttings of basil. Separate the leaves by cutting them, leaving only four leaves on the cutting edge. Put the cutting leaves into a container filled with water. If your water is chlorinated then, use boiled water. Within a couple of weeks, the cutting will produce roots. And now, it is time to plant these cuttings with roots in the soil. You can also plant them in soil, pots or any containers available.

6. Eggplant or Brinjal

Brinjal is another healthy vegetable that many of us like. Some of the smaller varieties are pretty simple to grow. Its flowers are pretty as is its plants. Put the pot in a place that has enough fresh air plus gets straight sunlight. As the plant needs a lot of warm and sunlight at growing levels. West or south direction is appropriate. 

7. Arugula

Arugula has a unique, lightly chilli flavour that gives it a chilli taste in salads or as a choice to basil pesto. Also varied than some of the other greens, you will surely like having arugula in your garden. Arugula is sometimes termed as a rocket, not only as of how quickly it grows but because the name is obtained from the Italian word green, bruschetta. 

You can sow seeds straight into the ground and cut the leaves when they are ready for harvest. If you proceed to grow the arugula within the summer months, try growing it in a shady place so that you can stop it from continuing to seed soon.

8. Kale

Kale is a very healthy and hardy plant. They are frequently called bulletproof plants. As they can endure or survive in any harsh circumstances. If you are new to kitchen gardening, you should start with this. You can grow kale with their seeds. From seed, they are ready for harvesting in just 60 days. With seedlings, they can be available in just 30 days.

9. Turnips

Turnip is an early fashioned vegetable that gives an excellent harvest for the home gardener. We can eat both leaves and roots, although both do not contain each variety together. You can grow this in a pot. Turnip is one of the slightest fussy plants. When it comes to temperature conditions, then this can be planted throughout the whole growing period in many horticultural areas. Pick roots when they are small about three inches in circumference plus harvest the leaves when they are mature.

10. Cauliflower

The best growth time of cauliflower is about eight weeks. Cauliflower needs at least six hours of complete sunlight for their growth. Cauliflower can grow from both seeds plus seedlings. However, it is most helpful if you start with the help of seedlings. 

You can also grow cauliflower with broccoli or with kale too. Growing cauliflower is a little challenging for you as this requires regular care, a slight change in temperature, sunlight plus water conditions can disrupt their growth. Take some various types of these fast-growing plants and identify which one is the most suitable in your garden. Then, enjoy your home harvest in all seasons.