Do Sweet Peas Need Full Sun?

Sweet peas plant can bloom in partial and full sun, depending on climatic conditions in your region. Like most houseplants, sweet peas also need sunlight to produce flowers and green foliage.

Gardening has therapeutic effects on many people. Colourful fragrant blossoms of sweet peas plant prove this true.

Sweet peas are prominent in cut flower market. They are easy to grow and hardy towards cold climatic conditions.

Depending on the variety of sweet peas you choose, you can grow sweet peas in pots or hanging baskets.

Sweet peas prefer cool climates and these ornamental plants can survive little frost.

Though sweet peas can grow in shade, like most plants it does need sunlight to grow.

As a gardener you might have this question:

How Much Sun Do Sweet Peas Need?

North Carolina State University states that sweet pea plants need full sun to grow successfully.

In other words, it needs 6 hours of direct sunlight. However, sweet peas can also grow in partial shade with 2-6 hours of sun exposure. (Source)

Sunlight Requirements for Sweet Peas

growing sweet peas in hanging baskets

As mentioned above, this ornamental plant can grow in shade but it needs adequate amount of sun exposure to bloom.

Like all plants, sweet peas need energy to produce delightful flowers.

When exposed to sun, plant leaves acts as solar panels to absorb light which helps to convert oxygen and water into carbohydrates.

Without sunlight, you can’t expect photosynthesis process. And without photosynthesis you can’t have a blooming plant.

When sweet pea plant don’t get required amount of sunlight, then leaves can turn yellow and drop.

Flowering plants like sweet peas fail to produce flower buds, thus low lightening can impact flowering of your plant.

Do Sweet Peas Need Full Sun?

Yes, sweet peas thrive in sunny spot. But, there are various factors that you need to be considered while growing houseplant and flowering plants.

Depending on climatic conditions and the variety of sweet pea plant you opted for, these plants grow in full sun and partial shade.

Note: Remember to protect the plant from harsh climatic changes.

In hotter days, use a shade cloth to save your houseplants from scorching afternoon sunlight. In winter, you’ve to obviously shift sweet plant indoors.

This ornamental plant likes to grow in cooler temperature ranging between 55F to 65F.

In southern US, sweet peas must be shaded from afternoon sunlight, whereas in north part of US, full sun will benefit the plant.

Amount of sun exposure directly affects the frequency of watering your sweet peas. As, sweet peas like most houseplants are prone to overwatering.

According to University of Minnesota, sweet pea grows in colder climates, so they don’t require frequent watering.

What Gardening Experts say about Sweet Peas Sunlight Requirement?

  • Texas A&M University, quotes sweet peas should be given full sun to partial sunlight.
  • North Carolina State University states that Lathyrus odoratus or sweet pea plant will need full sun of 6 hours sunlight or partial shade with 2-6 hours of sun exposure.
  • Gardening expert from says that this ornamental plant can be grown in full sun in north part of US, but in southern US you must use shade to avoid harsh afternoon sun exposure.
  • quotes, sweet pea plant roots need cool and moist soil, whereas the head must be exposed to full sun.

In simple words: Sweet peas need sun exposure for 6 hours. But, if the sun in your region is harsh then you must use shade cloth to protect the plant from afternoon sun.

Signs Your Plant Needs More Sun

If your sweet pea plant looks leggy with discolored foliage and drooping leaves, then probably your plant isn’t getting enough light or water.

In case of underwatering, start watering your plant generously till you see the excess water is drained out of the container.

Re-locate the plant if your ornamental plant isn’t getting enough sun exposure. Sweet peas plant is resilient and it will bounce back when you provide adequate sunlight.

With enough sunlight, leaves start turning green, plant starts blooming and stems become strong.

Indoor plants if relocated outside at once, it can experience shock.

It is recommended to expose the indoor plant to indirect sunlight first and after few weeks you can move them outdoors.

Signs Your Plant is Getting Too Much Sun

Sunlight benefits your plant, like mentioned above. But, sweet peas and other houseplants can’t tolerate harsh afternoon sunlight in few regions.

If temperature in your region is above 65F, then you must protect your sweet peas from afternoon sun by covering it with a shade cloth.

Else, scorching sun can burn sweet peas leaves.

Important Tips for Growing Sweet Peas Plant

Sunlight is essential for plant growth. Every gardener knows this, it’s a universal fact.

How long your sweet peas plant is exposed to sunlight can impact its growth and health.

As mentioned above, low sunlight can make plant leggy and weak.

Choose a location for your sweet peas plant that gets full sun, mostly, morning light.

Morning light isn’t harsh and plant does well when it gets sunlight in early hours of the day. It will have full day to produce food and supply it to other plant parts.

According to your region and sunlight exposure, you must increase or decrease watering frequency.

As this plant grows in cooler climates, you don’t have to water sweet peas plant regularly.

To avoid overwatering, gardeners recommend checking soil moisture with stick or index finger.

Water only when the top 1 inch of the soil is dry.


Do sweet peas grow best in sun or shade?

Sweet peas plant need full sun, in other words 6 hours sunlight to grow. However, this plant can also grow in partial shade with 3 hours of sunlight.

It is not recommended to grow sweet peas in full shade. Plant will experience leggy stems and discolored leaves with no flowering.

Can sweet peas tolerate sun?

Sweet peas grow in full sun in north US, while gardener in south must protect this flowering plant from afternoon sunlight with shade cloth.

What month is best to sow sweet peas?

Sweet peas need cooler climates with full sun. You can sow its seeds between October to April.

Sarah Raven discussed best time to sow seeds and plant seedling, read on this article.

Do peas like morning or afternoon sun?

Gardeners living in north half US can grow sweet peas in full sun. In other regions, where the afternoon sun grows harsh sweet peas need to covered under shade.

How much sun do sweet peas need?

Sweet peas need full sun, 6 hours of sunlight to grow.

Where is the best place to plant sweet peas?

Choose sunny spot to plant sweet peas seedlings.


Sweet peas plant does well in full sun.

When I say full sun, remember the plant needs to be exposed to sunlight for at least 6 hours. This includes morning sunlight.

Afternoon sunlight, in some regions can burn sweet pea leaves. You must the location of plant gets shade in afternoon. Else, you’ve to arrange a cloth for shade.