Black Bugs on Tomato Plant – How to Get Rid of Aphids and Flea Beetles

It’s easy to grow tomatoes in your backyard, but the hard part is to protect them from insects. Like you, flea beetles or aphids enjoy the flavor of red tomato and the bacteria carried by these small black bugs can cause more damage to your tomato plant.

However, with simple home tricks you can prevent black bugs on tomato plant. Apart from natural pests there are companion plants that will either repel bugs or attract helpful insects to protect tomatoes.

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What are little black bugs on tomato plants?

There are several pests that attack your ripe tomatoes, but the most common among them are aphids and flea beetles.

  • Aphids are small insects that feed on tomato and spread infection to your plants. Leaves affected by aphids turn yellow and then curl.
  • There are several types of aphids varying from color (black, pale green and pink) and size.
  • This pinhead size insect can also spread virus to your tomato plant.

So, how to control aphids?

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Wipe black bugs using string stream of water or with hand after wearing gardening gloves.

Horticultural oils are prominent for its efficiency to control pests. Using this pesticide you can get rid of aphid eggs.

You can also grow companion plant that helps to repel aphids and other insects. Or you can just grow your army to fight aphids. Insects like lady beetles, soldier beetles and syrphid flies protect your garden from black bugs.

  • Flea beetle is another commonly found insect that damage tomato plant. These tiny insects are found in different colors like black, brown or blue.
  • Measuring about 1/10 inches, young flea beetles feed on underground parts of the plant. Though mature plants overcome this damage, young plant can’t withstand and they suffer the most.
  • Adult flea beetles damage leaves by making holes in foliage and resulting in early blight.

How to control your tomato plant from flea beetle?

Regularly remove weeds and debris around the plant; this will avoid adult black bugs to overwinter.

You can also use row covers to protect young tomato plants. Spraying natural pesticides can help to control flea beetles.

How to Protect Tomato Plant from Black Bugs?

If you ignore to take certain steps, you will be not going to harvest too many tomatoes at the end.

#1 Support your tomato plants with steel cylindrical cones. The cage helps to elevate branches and leaves. It also prevents blossom-end rotting.

#2 Plant herbs like basil, cabbage, marigold or nasturtiums beside tomato plants to repel aphids and flea beetles.

#3 Aphids or black bugs feed on weeds, so pull down weeds surrounding your tomato plant.

#4 You can just pluck large insects using gardening gloves, but tiny black bugs should be removed by spraying natural pesticides.

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